Believe Me But I´m „Polanoid“

Went to college, studied arts / To be an artist make a start / Studied hard, gettin‘ my degree / But no one seemed to notice me / Painter man… / All day long I think of things / But nothing seems to satisfy / Think I’ll lose my mind / If I don’t find something to pacify / Who want to be a painter man / Can you help me occupy my brain? / Tried cartoons and comic books / Dirty postcards could have done / Here was where the money laid / Classic art has had it’s day / I need someone to show me / The things in life that I can’t find / I can’t see the things that make true happiness / I must be blind / Make a joke and I will sigh / And you will laugh and I will cry / Happiness I cannot feel / And love to me is so unreal / Who want to be a painter man / And so as you hear these words / Telling you now of my state / I tell you to enjoy life / I wish I could but it’s too late… Who want to be a painter man? (Wenn „Boney M“ und „Black Sabbath“  hier für mich ihre Songtexte „Painter Man“ und „Paranoid“  verzahnen, dann überleg ich mir kurz, ob das überhaupt sinnvoll ist.)

Was soll´s, sag ich schließlich.  / „Das ist auch die Ekstase des Polaroid: fast gleichzeitig den Gegenstand und sein Bild (…) erhalten.“ Jean Baudrillard, let me tell you somethin’ / I’m my own polaroid.